FlatcoinUSD (FUSD)

Meet the Team

Even though FlatcoinUSD will be fully decentralized, we want you to know the team that built it.
The FUSD team brings together various experience and skillsets united behind a single goal: creating an inflation-proof flatcoin for everyone.

Nathaji Metivier

CEO, Tech Lead, Project Visionary

- Co-Founder of FlatcoinUSD
- Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology, Focus: Information Security
- 5 Years of experience in cybersecurity
- 2+ years of experience in crypto/DeFi

Aya Yagi

Co-founder, company and product manager

- Co-Founder of FlatcoinUSD
- Triple major: B.S. in Environmental Science, B.A. in World Literature and Cultures, and Minor in Spanish Language and Literature
- 2 Years of experience in business management, product design, and Q.A.
- 2+ years of experience in crypto/DeFi

Scott Murphy

Senior Web3 Engineer

- B.S. in Computer Science, Concentration: Computer Science, Web Development
- 9+ years experience in Web3 Development

Steve Jin

Senior Web3 Frontend Engineer

- B.S. in Computer Science
- 8+ years experience in frontend development with a specialty in Web3


Tim Cakir

Business Growth Expert

- CEO of TaskDrive
- Advisor for multiple growing businesses
- Growth addict and lifelong learner.

Paul Lambert

Web3 buisness advisor

- Bachelor's Degree in Communications
- Master's Degree in Digital Marketing
- 2+ years experience in crypto business management