FlatcoinUSD (FUSD)

Quick Start Guide & FAQ

Here is a quick and easy guide on how to get started using FlatcoinUSD.

Quick Start Guide

Visit the FlatcoinUSD Dapp using the “Borrow Now” button below.

There you can provide collateral to take out an interest-free FUSD loan to get started.

From there, you can stake your FUSD in the Stability Pool to earn rewards.

By staking FUSD in the Stability Pool, you earn liquidation gains (in BNB) and the protocol reward token (FFEE).

FlatcoinFEE (FFEE) is the Revenue token of the FUSD ecosystem. It received revenue from the FlatcoinUSD protocol.

To learn more about the Stability Pool click here.

By staking FFEE, you earn the revenue from issuance fees (in FUSD) and redemption fees (in BNB).

Learn more about FlatcoinFEE here.

Learn about the Revenue Pool here.

If a trove falls below the minimum 110% collateralization ratio, anyone can liquidate the trove and will receive a reward and gas fees coverage for doing so. 

Generally, liquidations produce profits for the liquidator and Stability Pool stakers.

Learn more about liquidations here.

The redemption system allows anyone at anytime to exchange FUSD for 1:1 backing (BNB) at the target price.

This is crucial for maintaining the price peg.

Learn more about redemptions here.

If the price is too low:

  •  Users can buy FUSD at the market price, and redeem it for BNB to earn a profit and maintain the target price peg.


If the price is too high:

  • Users can borrow FUSD for BNB and sell it to earn a profit and help bring the price down.
These mechanisms allow users to gain a profit while maintaining the FUSD peg.
Issuance and redemption fees are distributed to ALTRU Revenue Pool stakers. 

Recovery mode is a protective protocol-wide system in case the collateral price falls significantly and the total collateral ratio falls below 150%.

In recovery mode, troves collateralized under 150% can be liquidated and, the fee to borrow FUSD is 0%. 

The goal of recovery mode is to bring the total collateral ratio back up above 150% to ensure the protocol remains stable and sufficiently backed.

Learn more about recovery mode here

Frequently Asked Questions

  • FlatcoinUSD (FUSD) is an inflation-proof stablecoin that is pegged to an on-chain U.S. inflation index. 
  • The protocol uses DeFi loans to issue FUSD with 0% interest using BNB as collateral.
  • Users can stake FUSD within the protocol to earn financial rewards and help maintain the token’s stability/peg.
    • Learn more about these systems here.
  • The FlatcoinUSD protocol will be fully decentralized, governance free, and self-sustaining. 

The FlatcoinUSD protocol offers a flatcoin lending platform with innovative features such as: 

  • Inflation-Proof Stablecoin (Flatcoin)
  • 0% Interest Rate Defi Loans (CDPs)
  • Over Collateralized Backing – Minimum collateral ratio of 110%
  • Token Stability Rewards System – Users are financially incentivized to keep the token peg 
  • Earn Money – Stakers receive revenue from the platform
  • Decentralized and Governance-Free – Censorship and regulation resistant
  • Protocol-Wide Recovery Mode -Protective system if the collateral value drops significantly
  • Fully Redeemable – FUSD can be redeemed for 1:1 BNB backing at any time by anyone

There are four ways to make money with FlatcoinUSD:

  1. Deposit FUSD – into the stability pool and earn liquidation gains (BNB) and FFEE rewards

  2. Stake FFEE – and earn the revenue from issuance fees and redemption fees
  3. Liquidate Troves – under 110% collateralization for a reward and gas coverage 
  4. Stabilize Inflation Price – earn rewards by keeping the token peg through redemptions and issuance arbitrage. 

Follow our Quick Start Guide to get started.

FUSD vs Stablecoin Comparison chart

See our full comparison to other stablecoins here.


FFEE is the Revenue Token of the FlatcoinUSD ecosystem.

  • FFEE Revenue Pool stakers collect the revenue generated by the FlatcoinUSD system
  • FUSD Stability Pool stakers are rewarded in FFEE and BNB

Learn more about the Revenue Pool here.

  • FlatcoinUSD is offering over $150,000 USD worth of early adopter rewards!
  • FUSD stakers will receive increased FFEE rewards at launch to encourage early adoption.
  • Over 500,000 FFEE tokens are included in this reward pool (>$150,000 USD worth).

Absolutely NOT! Terra/Luna was an algorithmic stablecoin that was under-collateralized and had critical design flaws.

  • FlatcoinUSD is NOT an algorithmic stablecoin.
  • FlatcoinUSD is fully backed and maintains 110%+ verifiable on-chain collateral.
  • FlatcoinUSD is designed to handle bank runs or price drops if they ever occur.
  • The FlatcoinUSD protocol has contributed over $134,749 USD to charitable/social causes around the world! 
  • Some organizations we have worked with are #TeamSeas, International Animal Rescue, Mental Health America, Wildlife SOS and more.
  • Part of the total supply of FlatcoinUSD is staked and used to generate funds to be used for social impact causes.

Click here to learn more.

Our long-term vision for the FlatcoinUSD protocol is to provide a number of decentralized “flatcoin” assets pegged to different commodity indexes such as:

  • Gold (FlatcoinGOLD)
  • Real Estate (FlatcoinRE)
  • Energy (FlatcoinEN)
  • Healthcare (FlatcoinHC)
  • Gas (FlatcoinGAS)

All of which would send revenues to the Altrucoin Revenue Pool. Learn more here.

The Unipool is a staking pool smart contract where you can stake Uniswap v2 FUSD/BNB LP tokens and be rewarded with FFEE tokens.

Learn more here.