FlatcoinUSD (FUSD)

Decentralized and Governance-Free

0% Interest Loans

in an Inflation-Proof Stablecoin
Decentralized and Governance-Free

Inflation-Proof Stablecoin

with 0% Interest Loans
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0% Interest Rate

FlatcoinUSD offers interest-free FUSD loans.


FUSD is pegged to an on-chain U.S. inflation index making it inflation-proof.

Decentralized and Governance Free

FlatcoinUSD is immutable and governance-free.

110%+ Collateral Ratio

FUSD is backed by verifiable on-chain collateral.

Introducing FlatcoinUSD

Get to know FlatcoinUSD

FlatcoinUSD is an interest-free borrowing protocol that offers an inflation-proof stablecoin (FUSD) and will be bringing Real World Assets (RWAs) on-chain as flatcoins.

  • FUSD is an inflation-proof stablecoin pegged to the U.S. inflation index. 
  • We offer 0% interest loans to issue FUSD using BNB as collateral (110%+).
  • Users can stake FUSD to earn financial rewards and help maintain the token’s stability/peg.
    • Learn more about these systems here.
  • The FlatcoinUSD protocol is fully decentralized, governance-free, and self-sustaining. 

We are an improved/enhanced fork of the incredibly successful Liquity Protocol (LUSD and LQTY). Learn more here.

The FlatcoinUSD protocol is a lending platform with innovative features such as: 

  • 0% Interest Rate Defi Loans
  • Inflation-Proof Stablecoin (Flatcoin)
  • Over Collateralized Backing – Minimum collateral ratio of 110%
  • Token Stability Rewards System – Users are financially incentivized to keep the token peg 
  • Earn Money – Stakers receive revenue from the platform
  • Decentralized and Governance-Free – Censorship and regulation resistant
  • Protocol-Wide Recovery Mode -Protective system if the collateral value drops significantly
  • Fully Redeemable – FUSD can be redeemed for 1:1 BNB backing at any time by anyone

There are four ways to make money with FlatcoinUSD:

  1. Deposit FUSD – into the stability pool and earn liquidation gains (BNB) and FFEE rewards

  2. Stake FFEE – and earn the revenue from issuance fees and redemption fees
  3. Liquidate Troves – under 110% collateralization for a reward and gas coverage 
  4. Stabilize Inflation Price – earn rewards by keeping the token peg through redemptions and issuance arbitrage. 

Follow our Quick Start Guide to get started.

Our long-term vision for the FlatcoinUSD protocol is to provide a number of decentralized “flatcoin” assets pegged to different commodity indexes such as:

  • Gold (FlatcoinGOLD)
  • Real Estate (FlatcoinRE)
  • Energy (FlatcoinEN)
  • Healthcare (FlatcoinHC)
  • Gas (FlatcoinGAS)

All of which would send revenues to the Altrucoin Revenue Pool. Learn more here.



Announcing Soon

Growing Demand

"We are particularly interested in ‘flatcoins’ - Stablecoins that track the rate of inflation, enabling users to have stability in purchasing power while also having resiliency from the economic uncertainty caused by the legacy financial system."
Coinbase - Call For Builders
"With the increasing scrutiny and uncertainty surrounding centralized stablecoins, the need to attract more and more decentralized stablecoin projects capable of withstanding turbulence is crucial."
Binance - BNB Chain
Building Opportunities


Social Causes
FlatcoinUSD Rebrands to Lendr!
The FlatcoinUSD protocol has rebranded to the Lendr Network, a 0% interest borrowing platform for on-chain real world assets.

Click here to learn about Lendr.